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I need to generate brand awareness and sales

Hey, friend! I'm glad you're here! You have an interest in showcasing your company through video. You've concluded that it's time to invest in your brand! Dandelion Drones Media is committed to bringing our clients great content! Let's look below at what's required to produce a great video!

Drone Footage

There's nothing better than superior drone work. Filming up close and personal with buttery smooth footage! We see many drone pilots too far away from the focal point of the video. Dandelion Drones has over 2,000+ flight hours. Drone footage makes any video look great. However, with other production companies, you're hiring for each position. That's why media is so expensive. You should consider Dandelion Drones. I do it all!

Sound Design

Drones don't record audio or sound. Likewise, when filming in 4k/60 fps and higher frame rates with our cameras. No audio or sound is recorded either. We commit a full day of editing to sound design. Not only will you hear licensed music in your video but, you'll also hear faint sounds of birds, ocean waves, cars moving on a bridge, streams, animals, or a campfire crackling at night. Sound design immerses the viewer in the video. 

Project Cost

Our billing consists of a half-day rate, a full-day rate, or a 1 year discounted retainer package. I don't believe in cheap and fast. I'm maniacal about details. Perfection and creativity take time and thought. 


Don't let the name fool ya! We love our high-end cameras. We're big fans of Panasonic Lumix's full-frame and micro four-thirds cameras. We film in a flat Log profile. Allowing full use of dynamic range for shadows and highlights. The Log profile allows for amazing colors in post-production. Simply put, our videos pop! We also love time lapses. Though time-consuming. We feel it adds a unique visual to our videos. 


All footage is edited in-house using Adobe Premier Pro. I charge an hourly rate for editing. My turnaround time is approximately 14 - 30 days after the final day of filming. This depends on the size of the project.

REAL ESTATE VIDEOS: Due to the aggressive nature of real estate. We offer a quicker turnaround for real estate projects that must hit the market fast.

Color Grading

The footage doesn't come out of the camera "ready to go." Color grading sets the mood of a video. I'm committed to excellence in color grading. Color grading allows for accurate skin tones, rich colors, and whites being white. 

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